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Gibson 1969 Les Paul

Turner 84CE Acoustic

Fender Classic Strat SSS

Fender Superchamp 15watt Combo+1x12 with greenback

Cry Baby Wah original

Boss SD1 original

Volume Pedal Colorsound

Alesis Microverb 2


RCF Art 714 Mk4 Pair

Mackie Pro12 Mixer

AKG mike D3800

Samsung Tab 3

Recording Gear

All of the above under guitar, with the addition of

Fender Superchamp XD

Nylon Classical Guitar.

8 Track Tascam analogue,

Cakewalk Pro Audio 9,

Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producers Edition.


This page is strictly for the ‘Gear Heads’ out there!

Please Note

I have full Public Liability Insurance and all of my equipment is up to date PAT Tested in line with Current Legislation, a copy of which can be provided at time of booking.


Fender Squire Strat HSS

12 string Norman Acoustic

Stingray Pro Head

2x12 Cab with greenbacks


Shure SM58 radio Mic

Samsung Tab 3


The Egg :-)

and various percussion

Open Mic Gear

Alto TS 310 Active

Alto TX 208 Active monitor

Behringer wi fi X12 mixer

3 x AKG D3800 and D3700 mics

2 x Fender Superchamp Backline guitar amps

Oddsox Gear