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HomeGeorge Nixs SoloOddsoxGeorge Nixs  MusicBooking InfoGig diaryRepertoireVideosBuy our CDsGig-Gear

This page is all about my own, self penned work … where it came from and what I am doing with it now.

I have a stock of music that I have written to provide themes for video/film/TV/ radio & advert productions. These include intros & outros - spanning a range of moods and styles, a few of which I have chosen to put on my new album which is finally seeing the light of day and is available now!

  1. Wotsit (G. Nixs)
  2. Bluebird (G. Nixs)
  3. Dreaming (G. Nixs)
  4. Waterfall (G. Nixs)
  5. Seriously (G. Nixs)

 6. Shufflin (G. Nixs)

 7. S A L T (G. Nixs)

 8. The Valley (G. Nixs)

 9. Altogether Better (G. Nixs)